Treating Allergies with Ask & Receive

Allergy Treatment

Ask & Receive actually began as a treatment for allergies and asthma when I was working with my business partner Tom Altaffer.  He wanted to reset the reactivity of his immune system to a more appropriate level.  His body and his immune system did not know how to accomplish that task.  However, my muscle test showed that the higher part of his being know to do it.  I muscle tested other statements and found out that his immune system was afraid of giving up its fear.  It was afraid if it stopped being so hyper vigilant and overprotective, Tom would be in danger.  Our job was then to reassure his immune system that he would be safe even if it no longer had so many inflammatory immune reactions.  Tom’s allergies are gone now.

Ask & Receive can be done on its own or in conjunction with tapping, Meridian Laser Technique, or other Energy Psychology tools.  Ask & Receive is a way to access assistance from one’s higher state in achieving what you desire for your body.


Listen to this interview with Tom & Sandi on Ask & Receive and Allergies


Ask & Receive TeleClearingTM for Allergies SPECIAL

Ask and Receive for Allergies MP3s and Script with Sandi Radomski

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Ask and Receive for a Dairy Sensitivity Video

Using A & R for a Dairy Sensitivity Using Muscle Testing

Watch Sandi Radomski use the Muscle Testing modality of A&R to treat a woman with a severe dairy sensitivity. It is fascinating to see how the woman’s distress decreases significantly as early traumas are cleared. You will see first-hand how underlying traumas are connected to allergies.

Video Download  – $15.00


Muscle Testing Video Demonstration

 Muscle Testing Demonstration

Here is the simple and authoritative training in Muscle Testing. In her easily followed, user friendly 40 minute video, Sandi Radomski teaches you exactly how to muscle test for your self, clients, family and friends – and even how to do muscle testing at a distance over the telephone! This classic presentation demonstrates step-by-step the easy and highly effective muscle testing skill that Sandi has refined.

Video Download  – $15.00



  1. can the device , the sl50 be used on someone with pacemaker??? thank youl

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