Inheriting stress

inheritingFinally research is starting to come in that supports what Sandi and I (and others) have been saying for so long: stress can be inherited. Not only that, but this inherited stress can and does produce physical, genetic, and emotional conditions. Even more, this stress can be passed down to future generations. In a recent article in the New York Times, Inna Gaisler-Solomon does a great job discussing the research (from rat studies through to studies of the grand children of holocaust survivors) that demonstrate this truth.
What Sandi and I would like you to consider is that whatever mechanism is behind this phenomenon (we call it trauma), it is the origin of much of our suffering. It is not causal (a certain kind of trauma does not cause a certain condition). It originates it in the way a grain of sand in an oyster shell originates a pearl. It creates a distortion in our being which causes a cascade of phenomena resulting in distortions we might call a disability. Remember, the pearl might be valuable to us, but to the oyster it is like a growing cancer.


  1. I am very new to your technique, but have been interested in H’ooponopono, LOA, Neville Goddard, NLP, and FasterEFT for some time. If you are speaking of inheriting stress as in a DNA kind of inheriting, I’m not so sure I agree.

    I like to think we have a perceptual inheritance, what I like to refer to as ‘familial memes’ that we inherit from our parents, caregivers, society, etc. From that perspective, our beliefs and perceptions are passed down generation to generation on conscious and subconscious levels…

    Now certainly there is interplay between our genes and our memes, but it occurs to me from what I have read of Bruce Lipton’s work and epigenetics, that our perceptions/beliefs will play as or perhaps more important a factor in what genes will activate than what most modern medicine allows for…

    Whatever the case, fascinating ideas!

    I look forward to learning more about ‘Ask and Receive’…

    I have already begun implementing generational work in my practice of FasterEFT, releasing and letting go of (in essense forgiving) generational learnings when recognizing limiting beliefs stem much further back…

    This work has also given me new insight into the biblical phrase ‘the sins of the fathers passed down seven generations…’. Again, fascinating to ponder if our various religions may have been pointing us in this direction all along ‘for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear’…

    Also fascinating to ponder how our language informs our subconscious asking, which I believe we continually do whether we are aware of it or not… I am enjoying pondering repent as in ‘re-think’ or revise as in ‘re-vision’ or disease as in ‘dis-ease’ e.g. ‘lack of ease’…

    We truly are wondrously made!

    • Hi Karen,
      I completely agree with you. When science does research on heritability they automatically attribute such things to genes, but there is limited evidence that this is the case. I prefer to think of “genes” as a metaphor of science which is used to represent the phenomenon of passing information across generations. What I do like is that we are discovering that this is a very plastic process and that it is open to environmental and social factors. I also believe that this also means that it is open to change once we have released stored trauma.
      Like you, I don’t think that we will find that genes are the core of this process.
      We are glad to have your energy added to A&R!

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