Free TeleClearing for Resolutions

Free TeleClearing for Resolutions


Whether it’s exercise, diet, rest, relationships, sobriety, health, play, or other healthy patterns of behavior, we want you to be successful. All good things start with commitment and action. We don’t fail because we are lazy or bad, but because we are incongruent. Our limiting beliefs and trauma interfere with our good intentions. Our hope is that if we can release even just a few of them, we can help you get even closer to the happiness, health and connection that is your right.

Resolution Replay and Protocol Script

(Previously Entitled New Year’s Resolutions Teleclearing)

Click to listen or read, right click for Windows to download. For MAC and other devises, please refer to your devise instructions for downloading files from the internet.


Download MP3

Download Resolutions Script (PDF)


One Comment:

  1. Thank you, Sandi, Tom & Pam.
    I love this protocol and have been using it for every new year since it was launched!
    Gratitude and countless blessings.

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