Back Pain Relief

Back Pain Relief Testimonial

Dear Sandi,

I was your demonstration model on Sunday at the Energy Conference. I want to thank you so much for your help. You muscle tested and told me that in a couple of days my back would be more comfortable and mobile, well my back is much more comfortable and I am more mobile!

Despite a 5 hour drive on Monday and an uncomfortable night with lots of strange sharp shooting pains, I awoke with my back feeling more stable and with pain at a level that I had not experienced for a long  time. Since the accident in my early twenties (I am 52 now) I have struggled with pain from a daily niggle to debilitating agony when I have lifted something too heavy or tripped over, even just a slight going over on the ankle can shift it as it is so unstable. The last MRI scan I had showed two discs missing, osteophytes growing on L4 and L5 as well as spinal curvature, misalignment and instability. The medical solution was metal rods, I declined! I have weeks at a time on back to back pain killers and have tried everything from chiropractic treatment, cranio-sacral therapy, bowen, shiatsu etc. Reflexology done very deeply can help with the pain but EFT I haven’t found very helpful. Healing has been the most helpful combined with stretching exercises and walking.

Ask and Receive immediately felt like a healing session but with a difference. I am going to keep working with Ask and Receive to clear all of the issues that led up to the accident with my back and the repercussions following the accident. With the damage I incurred I haven’t believed that anything could help and have just learned to cope with the pain and use my experience to help others with pain.

Thank you for showing us all such a valuable and profound tool for healing change. I couldn’t book onto your course this time but please let me know if you intend to return to the Uk in the future. I shall look on your website and see if there is anything else that I can order from you. (I bought your Ask Along for Health CD).

Thank you again Sandi, you are a very special person.

With love and thanks,


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  1. There are lots of ways at how can a person make his back feel better. There are different types of practices such as foundation training, yoga, and Reiki that a person can practice to alleviate himself from his physical discomfort. Thank you Ask and Receive because this site is informational and helpful to a lot of people like me.

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