Ask and Receive Concepts

  1. conceptsHigher States of our consciousness always have the answers. They always have a bigger picture – a higher perspective.
  2. We do not always have access to this information.
  3. Ask and Receive gives us a way to directly get higher states knowledge.
  4. Ask and Receive uses the power of the word.
  5. Trauma creates limiting beliefs that continue to run our lives.
  6.  In Ask and Receive we unhook past traumas from current reality.


  1. I’m 76 years old man and have been suffering since many years from anxiety and panic attacks.SINCE ABOUT 20 YEARS OR MORE I AVOID TO FLY BECAUSE I HAVE BEEN SUFFERING IN THE VERY PAST PANIC ATTACKS IN SEVERAL OCASIONS DURING THE FLIGHT AND THEREFORE I HAVE DEVELOPED A PHOBIA FOR FLYING. I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW IF THERE IS SOMETHING THAT YOU CAN RECOMEND TO HEAL THE FEAR FOR FLYING? Do you give any tele clearing sessions that can help me? Your reply along your comments and recommendations will be much appreciated. Best Regards Andres Vasiliou

  2. I have an SL50. Two questions: can it be used with pacemaker? , what does it do that pencil version doesn’t? Thanks–

    • The SL50 is completely safe to use with pacemakers, metal implanted in your body or on reproductive organs.

      Both the SL50 and the eTox laser( pencil version) or the Softlaser Plus have a laser beam at 635 nm. The SL50 is stronger by having 8 laser beams at that frequency and also includes 4 laser beams at 810 nm. The laser at 810 nm is infrared and takes the healing frequency deeper into the body.

  3. Hi Sandi, I use ask and receive (the shortcut without trauma) to turn limited beliefs into beliefs. I ussually have to say the statement once and when I sway foreward it should be okay. Or does it not work in one time? Or should I always adres the trauma part. I use it to attract more anbundance into my life. I went hrough more then 200 mostly positve b eliefs about money en reset myself when a belief was negative. I do have less negative thoughts about money, but there is not more money showing up in my life. I do get more small gifts from people and other small miracles into my life. I guess I focus on the law of atrraction and keep finding new blocks and be happy with the baby steps. Thanks for the system you Pam and Tom have put together. Love and Light Daphne

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