Throat Cancer

Throat Cancer Survivor

Dear Sandi,

I’ve never written a testimonial before not even sure of the spelling.

Four months ago I was diagnosed with stage three neck cancer which started on my tonsils. I prepared for the worst. I wasn’t afraid but wasn’t optimistic.

The first doctor I saw said I would need seven weeks of radiation concurrent with three heavy doses of chemo. The second doctor at closer inspection said it was more advanced and I would need an additional three heavy doses of chemo at 21 day intervals before starting the normal protocol and that I had only a 50% cure rate as things stood and a lot of nasty side affects some permanent if I survived.

I left the office like a dead man walking. A lot of friends and family members began coming around with all sorts of advice. Herb remedies wheat grass, enemas, volcanic water, baking soda and maple syrup. I tried a bunch. One friend from Philly said “I have a friend who knows this woman that can cure you through EFT and magnetic responses.” Or something. I was not convinced but this friend said he believed if his wife, who died of cancer recently had seen this woman she would still be alive. They were talking about the strong emotional component in cancer course and cure.

I totally got that because in examining my situation I realized that something inside me had developed a pretty negative outlook over the last few years and I also had some other issues over twenty years ago that I still couldn’t find a way to let go of. I made an appointment to see this woman but she was way down in South Jersey and the whole trip with the session would have taken something like seven hours there and back and I didn’t feel I had the energy.

We got in touch to talk with her about it and she said she could do the whole thing over the phone. “Really!” I found it surprising. We kept the same appointment time but now everything was going to be over the phone. Some of her technique I understood requires physical evaluation as well as actual body work but she said she could somehow do this from her office. This would be interesting. I called and the session began.

From the beginning I was in tears in fact I just tear up remembering that feeling. The details are a bit murky now but it had to do with me making statements and her somehow measuring inner alignment of belief in what I was saying. Something like “I don’t feel guilty about surviving the death of my dearest friend.” She would say that is weak try it again. At this point I would burst into tears and when I could control my sobbing I would try again repeating the statement. She would say it was still weak and I would cry some more with her encouragement to forgive myself or something and at some point she would say now it’s strong. I don’t know what she was doing at her end but she always seemed to know and my crying would come down and subside.

This process went on right through the hour appointment into a second hour. It got very intimate in the sense that I began to strip bare emotionally and Sandi was right there comforting and encouraging as more and more stuff poured out. We had to stop several times when I couldn’t speak through the tears. Then she would say “now you’re strong on that and we’d move on.

Toward the end of the second hour things started coming down. She said, “You have been choked up about these things for years and you can release and let them go,” and I noticed that all the discomfort and stiffness in my neck was gone. The emotional component of my illness was being healed. It felt very fresh and newborn, a cliché but true. I felt we both felt we’d really been through something it was deep & intimate I really opened myself and she opened no barriers on either side.

I called Sandi a couple of days ago to say that after five weeks of what was supposed to be a preliminary treatment of chemo and some on drugs I was cancer free. Everybody was very surprised. The doctors are looking at my throat saying things like “amazing” with big smiles on their faces.

When I was told my P.T. scan showed no cancer anywhere in the body I began calling people and right after immediate friends and family I thought of Sandi and what she had said when I had contacted her two and a half months ago.

After our session, Sandi said, “This is interesting.” Then she said. “I don’t know if I should say this. “ I said. “Go ahead.” “Well,” Sandi replied, “I am getting some indicators that your cancer will be gone in two weeks.”

It took a little longer than two weeks, but even so!

I spoke with my cancer guide, the one who does research and protocol with treatment and doctors, after we got the results of my cancer negative P.T. scan and I talked about Sandi and the emotional side of cancer treatment. My doctors have been great such caring and supportive people.

But, I want to acknowledge the importance of emotional therapy in the treatment of cancer, it’s the other side of the equation. It’s so important also in why people’s cancer sometimes comes back and kills them. That may have a lot to do with underlying unresolved emotional issue.

In closing, I just want to thank Sandi, again and again for her compassion and insight in working with me.

I can’t recommend her enough to anyone facing cancer or illness because there truly is a mind body connection to these things.

Thank you again Sandi,

With much love and gratitude


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