The roots of obesity stretch back to the womb

There has been a recent flurry of articles about a new study that links obesity in later life with early childhood obesity. Here is a link from the LA Times: I think that the researchers are not looking deeply enough at what they have discovered. The articles are suggesting that children who are at the 90th percentile in weight at birth or shortly thereafter (9 months to 5 years) are much more likely to be obese later in life. Not much of a surprise there. The articles seem to think that this is mostly due to lifestyle issues and seems to suggest that if we control our children’s weight we will effect their weight in adulthood. Wouldn’t it be nice if this were true! As far as I can tell though, there isn’t any actual data supporting such an assumption. While I think it is likely that teaching our children good eating habits will be very helpful to them later in life, I think this research points out something much more interesting.
What if we were actually looking at evidence of something Sandi discusses a great deal: Immune system learning. In other words, obesity could be “learned” on the metabolic as well as psychological level while the child is in utero, at birth or shortly there after. We would see this “learning” as acquired food sensitivities (including “addiction” to certain foods as well as bowel issues, and acquired immune issues). We would also see it as habit and learning to use food as emotional regulators.
I think that this is why in A&R we focus so much on finding the early learning issues connected to any chronic condition (e.g. obesity), and why we dedicated three TeleClearings to targeting those early early learnings that we all picked up no matter how good our parents were.
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  1. I absolutely agree with you and I know from my own experiences that this is true. I think it may be more extensive than we even realize. From the moment of conception, the cells that become a human being are receiving information from their environment. Epigenetics tells us how important this is. I also believe that the incarnating soul draws to itself that with which it is energetically aligned and needs for its development. This does not start at birth, it starts at conception. If the soul needs to overcome adversity then it will draw to itself what it needs for that overcoming. It could be physical defects, mental or emotional challenges (their own and/or those received from their environment in utero via poor diet, physical, mental, or emotional stress from the parents, etc.) allergies, etc. the Soul has lived many times and has its own reasons and needs that it brings with it. While we mostly don’t remember those other lives, they can have a profound effect on our health and well-being until we find a solution to heal and neutralize their effects. That’s why Ask and Receive works so well…because it can go beyond our conscious mind to work with the Soul and Higher Self. Past life regression combined with healing from the Higher Self also works well as do EFT and Matrix Reimprinting. These are all tools that complement each other and work well in combination. As I have worked with all of these tools, what has become clear is that we are never alone. We are part of a “system” that is in constant interaction with itself/Self. And that “system” is creative….attracting to itself what it needs and desires and repelling that which has been used and is no longer necessary. LIFE…quite awesome!

    • What great observations! Wendy McCarty, PhD, RN, in her book “Welcoming consciousness” makes many of the same points you do. She is a pediatric nurse who has experienced many many children who have memories of birth and beyond. She believes that we are essentially born with a dual consciousness, one that is wise and apparently knows what you describe as the soul’s knowledge, and another that is the emerging infantile ego.

      I think these parallel structures are always there and available, but we have simply learned to identify with the ego structure. Realizing this gives us so much more therapeutic power. We are not alone as therapists either since we can related directly with the person’s higher states.

      I describe how to do this in Higher States Therapy.

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