Preparation for Bilateral Hip Surgery

Testimonial for Pam Altaffer:

Client undergoing bilateral hip replacement surgery

I once described my experience with Pam Altaffer in the following way:

“Be prepared for a beautific voice from a very spiritual person. Pam is a great spirit guide. My only caution is that you be totally honest with her and yourself for maximum effect. You will learn to trust her.”

Actually, Pam’s ability to establish a rapport with her clients is almost instantaneous.

In a recent session to quell fears of infection, blood clots and surgery in preparation for bilateral hip replacement surgery, I discovered that through the technique of “Ask and Receive,” I was able to reach a part of my subconscious which allowed me to accept, acknowledge and confirm my ability to accept my fears and make peace with them.

I did this with the help of her spiritual and loving guidance which led me to a place of calm and tranquility. This was affirmed following a dream which symbolically showed me how to place my faith in the skill sets of my surgeons and my own ability to recover and recuperate.

Using her protocol, I was methodically brought to a point where I was able to stabilize my vital signs during surgery, eliminate unnecessary bleeding and make a nearly miraculous recovery of less than 24 hours from surgical implants to full ambulatory mode. I recovered with minimal pain, no nausea and rapid (less than 4 days) of acute rehabilitation following a shortened hospital stay of only 3 days.

My doctors and psychiatrist/physical therapists questioned my rapid recovery, wanting to know what helped me to make such a quick comeback. I responded that it was not only my physical self that aided in the recovery (prior to surgery I was a 6-time National American Ironman title holder). I told them that my healing was related to my “spiritual self” and my “passion” for life.

Pam Altaffer helped me to reconnect to my “passion” and ‘spiritual self” which, in turn, aided in my healing. I envision her a “white angel” with a powerful aura to heal through love and self love.

I heartedly recommend Pam Altaffer, her person, techniques and abilities to assist in a loving and caring way with your illness.”

Joel, New Jersey


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