Testimonial from an Autistic Teen

Surprising Testimonial from an Autistic Teen

We received a fascinating testimonial of the power of Ask and Receive from a very unlikely source. We have been using this treatment for Autism often teaching the parents to treat on behalf of the child. One of our 12 years old patients was very verbal and able to be muscle tested.

However, he was complaining and wanting to leave the session. As soon as we did Ask and Receive his entire demeanor changed. He suddenly became highly interested and attentive. He started asking his own questions to be answered with the muscle test. I had no idea why he responded the way he did. We were working on ―My body knows how to not snack at night.

He continued to ask questions for the next two hours. He explained this change by saying that the Ask & Receive process had allowed ideas to go from the back of his brain to the forefront. He said that before the puzzle had too big of a hole in it. He did not know where to put his thoughts.

This patient described being able to contact the part of his being that was able to comprehend, remember & make sense of his world. His mother was astonished hearing him speak about old hurts, trauma and current concerns. She had never heard him be this insightful, focused and intelligible. He continued to have this reaction after Ask & Receive in other sessions.

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