Relationship Sessions

Attracting The Love Of Your Life

I came to Pam desiring a partner, but with the belief that online dating would be difficult and that I wouldn’t find anyone I liked.  I thought I was too particular and had too many requirements.  I was also afraid that no one would want to date me because I had cancer and lost all my hair.

We had two long sessions, and Pam quickly worked through my blocks about going online, about not feeling desirable, about freezing up emotionally, and about sabotaging the arrival of a beloved.

Meanwhile I also found out I was cancer-free!  Soon after I had a coffee date with Bob, and we connected instantly.  I was surprised to find someone I felt so at ease with and so interested in.  We continue to enjoy each other and I realize that he has all the qualities that I listed in Pam’s pre-session homework!  It’s a miracle.  Pam’s coaching worked like magic!

G.S. Sacramento, CA

Relationship with Self

“I loved every moment of working with the lovely Pam Altaffer on improving the relationship with myself.

She is so insightful, and gets exactly what I’m saying, and I love how easy she makes the processes she takes me through to clear and heal what comes up each session.

I also loved her gentle encouragement and her warmth as we journeyed together to get me to where I am today. What a fabulous journey!

I am now so much more aware of when I judge myself, beat myself up and notice my self talk. Through our time together I feel as though I’ve gained so much insight into the relationship with myself, and as a result I feel I am  much kinder and more nurturing to myself.
Now I am able use all the skills you taught me as I move forward in my life.

Thank you Pam, it’s been such a blessing!”

Thelma Milner— Melbourne, Australia.

Bringing in a Beloved Partner

“Pam helped me enormously in a number of ways. She helped me to identify and heal emotional and energetic blocks to attracting a healthy relationship and then to move more deeply into it. During our sessions, I began to online date, which she also helped me to navigate. After a few weeks of our sessions, I met my current boyfriend. We have now been together for well over a year and are planning our future together!”

Pam’s program and her compassionate wisdom guided me towards a great deal of clarity and hopefulness. I was very discouraged about finding a loving relationship and then trusting in it after so many years of being alone. Pam helped me to get my power back and trust in myself, my beloved and the power and wisdom of the universe. A tall order indeed!

I loved everything about working with Pam! She was able to efficiently help me to identify core emotional issues and limiting beliefs I had about myself and others and then skillfully helped me to clear them and move in to a much more empowered state. Pam also helped me to navigate the anxieties and insecurities of a new relationship and helped me to realize how expansive and challenging relationships can be. That set me free to open my heart and ready myself to love and abundance. She is loving and kind and smart and wise. And I can’t forget her great sense of humor! What a relief that was on a number of occasions.  I cannot recommend her enough.”

Karen F. from Chicago

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