Our Work With Autism

Our Work with Autistic Children

Working with Autistic children has helped us to develop a basic theory of the causes of Autism which in turn is a useful model for all self development. Essentially, it theorizes that a biological insult causes misperceptions in neurology and sensory input which, then in turn, causes dysfunction in psychology or personality.

1. Biology (allergies, trauma, infections, antibiotics, toxins)

2. Neurology (sensations, perceptions)

3. Psychology (personality is end product)

With the Autistic children, the biological insult is severe and before the age of 3 years. These biological insults cause a change in their sensory perception. These injuries create filters though which all future perceptions must pass. The filters may be the world is dangerous, I am not good enough, there is not enough, certain foods are dangerous, etc. Getting off track at an early age causes more disruption from reality than later traumas since sensory input has been more skewed. These distorted perceptions are then the cause of dysfunctions in personality or psychology.

Often patterns around our gestation, birth and soon after birth determine the patterns in our lives. Ask & Receive allows you to ask for exactly what you need to lead a more functional, happy, content life. All new sensory input comes thru our filters. The sensory system then works like the immune system to fight off or kill off anything that looks dangerous be it foods, people, or environmental stimuli. We need to repair the early childhood traumas that persist in one’s life.

Biology is the primary driver in Autism. An allergy is a mistake of the immune system caused by trauma.

One’s body is trying to protect you from trauma. Using the concept of Psychoneuroimmunology, anything associated with a trauma (ie food in stomach, color of clothing, smell in air, sounds) can be conditioned to the trauma. Once conditioned, the body tries to avoid these stimuli and often makes them bigger than they really are. For example, someone who has been bitten by a dog will see any dog as larger, with larger teeth and with a more ferocious bark. In this way, our normal perceptions are colored by our sensory filters that distort the information. We become stuck in, “I am not good enough, I am unloved, all dogs are dangerous, eggs are unsafe.”

Our primary perceptual misalignment is that “I am not good enough.” We then create a “mask” of behaviors to try to be acceptable. We need to realign our filters to harmonize with a kinder, safer world.

Luann Brizendine, MD, Neuropsychiatrist at the University of California, San Francisco and author of the Female Brain, states that “at least half of your personality comes from your gene pool. Life experiences shape the other half. If you acquire some idea about yourself- that idea will have an impact on your brain circuitry and get built into how you think about yourself…Our brains love to categorize and label — the pretty one, the smart one, the problem child. Then you grow accustomed to the label and often re-create that identity because it feels familiar.”

Ask & Receive digs deeper and deeper to uncover the misalignments with reality that are running your life.

Gently and quickly, it lets your body know from the depths of your being that the truth is you are whole, safe, loved and connected.

“Whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.” Matthew 21:22

“You do not have because you do not ask.” James 4:2

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