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Welcome, our vision for Ask and Receive is to teach you our techniques, whether you’re a health professional, social worker or just someone looking for freedom from your emotional and physical symptoms. It is time to jump into that pool of unlimited potential, so away with unhappiness, unhealthiness and lack of fulfillment. Contact us today to get started on this exciting healing process!


  1. I have a disease called Systemic Mastocytosis. Where my body makes too many Mast cells and makes me have multiple allergy symptons. So I’m hoping that I am able to curb these.
    Renée Blackman
    Western Australia

    • Mast cells are your immune system’s response to a substance it views as dangerous. Allergy Antidotes offers a way to train your immune system so that it no longer reacts to the food or product. Our experience is that Ask and Receive, Spinal Release or Laser Meridian Technique can give your body new information so that your immune system no longer needs to overreact by producing too many mast cells.

  2. Hi, I have an autoimmune disease that means it attacks my kidneys, hoping to use this to stop my decline. Cheers felicity

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