How Does Ask and Receive Work?

how does it workBetter health begins by recognizing that it is our thoughts and beliefs which create our disease. Ask and Receive understands that our early traumas and resulting limiting beliefs form the background of all future experience. When our unlimited being is able to quickly release these limitations we are left feeling happier, healthier and more in alignment with our higher purpose.

The experts behind Ask & Receive – Sandi Radomski, Tom Altaffer, and Pam Altaffer – are professionally trained in higher conscious health and wellness. As therapists, Sandi has over 40 years of experience and 30 years for Tom and Pam, respectively. These experiences and collective knowledge are the guiding force behind Ask & Receive and since 2008, Sandi, Tom and Pam have helped people distance themselves from negative emotions, beliefs and reactions in order to reach a greater point in their lives and minds.

With Ask & Receive’s assistance, anyone can tap into their full potential and come face-to-face with his or her unlimited being. You will be able to ask for what you want in your life and then finally take it. The beauty of this exciting new health discovery is that it is independent of any spiritual beliefs. In this regard, it is democratic and intended for everyone. After all, every one of us has the right to reach higher states of knowledge to obtain changes in every part of our lives, including greater health, less pain, releasing trauma, more joy, greater flexibility, better relationships and peace.

The techniques of Ask & Receive are very flexible and can be customized to suit your needs, meaning you can use our techniques on your own, whenever and as often as you would like. We even have accounts of elimination of physical and emotional symptoms when Ask & Receive is done on someone else’s behalf, regardless of distance and awareness. These techniques are THAT potent!

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  1. Thank you…i find ask and receive to be a valuable asset in my healing journey. I accompany it with eft tapping…Thank you Gary and dawn priolette.

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