Conjuring a Love Relationship

Life Coaching Sessions

Conjuring the Love Relationship You Desire Using Ask and ReceiveTM

In this six session package, Pam will guide you to clarify the love relationship you want in your life and clear those blocks preventing you from receiving the love you deserve. A part of your being will be able to pave the way to obtain the relationship your heart desires.

If you are already in a committed relationship, Pam will help you “tune up” the relationship you already have. This will be done through clearing obstacles created by judgments and negative feelings that prevent you from experiencing the love you want. It will help you to be able to experience the unconditional love and acceptance you deserve.

Want to improve the love and happiness you experience in the relationship you have with yourself? Pam can also help you move toward this as well. New pathways will be developed so you can love and appreciate yourself in new delightful ways!

These Coaching Sessions can be done individually or as a couple; in person, by phone or Skype.

To set up an appointment, call Pam Altaffer at (609) 432-0174 or check out more at


Ask & Receive for Relationships

Testimonial for Pam Altaffer

“I came to Pam desiring a partner, but with the belief that online dating would be difficult and that I wouldn’t find anyone I liked.  I thought I was too particular and had too many requirements.  I was also afraid that no one would want to date me because I had cancer and lost all my hair.

We had two long sessions, and Pam quickly worked through my blocks about going online, about not feeling desirable, about freezing up emotionally, and about sabotaging the arrival of a beloved.

Meanwhile I also found out I was cancer-free!  Soon after I had a coffee date with Bob, and we connected instantly.  I was surprised to find someone I felt so at ease with and so interested in.  We continue to enjoy each other and I realize that he has all the qualities that I listed in Pam’s pre-session  homework!  It’s a miracle.  Pam’s coaching worked like magic!”

G.S. Sacramento, CA





Special Love Bundle!

TeleClearings for Improving Your Love RelationshipIncludes TeleClearing for Relationships, the TeleClearing for Unconditionally Loving that Sometimes Challenging Person audios, and scripts.

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MP3 TeleClearing for Relationships at

TeleClearingTM for Relationships
Hosted by Tom and Pam Altaffer

In this hour and a half TeleClearingTM, Tom and Pam Altaffer lead you through clearing your limiting beliefs about yourself, friends, children and even intimate relationships. This TeleClearing is intended to jump start you toward satisfying, loving, and joy filled relationships.

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Ask and Receive for a Relationship Issue Video

Ask & Receive for
a Relationship Issue Download

Watch Pam Altaffer using the Felt Sense of A&R to install a woman’s positive intention for her relationship with her business partner. You will learn how to design a positive A&R statement. Watch how this woman’s blocks and obstacles fall away, paving the way so she can have the partnership that she desires.

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