Ask and Receive for Pain

Ask and Receive for Physical Issues Video

Ask & Receive for
Physical Issues Video Download

3 Full length sessions working with Physical issues.

(Migraine Headache, Sore Thumb, Inflamed Eyes)

This package shows Sandi Radomski, Tom Altaffer and Pam Altaffer using three different A&R modalities (Muscle Testing, SUDS, and Felt Sense) for pain-causing conditions. Watch three A&R modalities in one video download! Find the style that resonates with you or discover that you want to use all three!

Video Download $15.00


Ask Along for Health audio with Dr. Sandi Radomski

Ask Along with Sandi
for Health

Merely repeat the Ask and Receive sentences along with Sandra Radomski ND, LCSW to eliminate pain and symptoms and to achieve health and wellness.

MP3 Download $10.00


Ask and Receive for Surrogate Treatment

Ask & Receive for
Surrogate Treatment Video Download

Full length sessions working as a Surrogate.

(Grandmother on behalf of grandchild’s reflux)

Everyone always asks how to do surrogate treatments. In this full length session Sandi works with a grandmother who is a surrogate for her newborn grand-daughter, suffering from terrible gastric pain and distress. Watch as Sandi uses surrogate muscle testing to find and clear emotional and physical issues behind the distress.The video ends with a discussion a few months later where the grandmother describes the dramatic and unexpected improvement in her granddaughter.

Video Download $15.00



Ask Along for Knee Pain Treatment Sessions audios with Sandi Radomski

Ask & Receive Treatment Sessions

Two complete and successful treatment sessions for extremely painful knees, with one of Sandi’s clients. This client quickly experienced a remarkable reduction in his pain.

MP3 Downloads $10.00



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